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Carry forward the culture of traditional Chinese medicine,Lead times for health,Is the mission of the modern Chinese people。In the past half a century,Our indifference oversight over the top of traditional culture,The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine had been ensnared,Once fell into the trough,Fortunately, people have gradually realized“Traditional Chinese medicine is the treasure of Chinese culture”From“Cure”To the“Cure not ill”From the western medicine“Laboratory research”To the“Clinical research”Have a comprehensive understanding and the understanding,Finally applied to the universal health care,The national benefit。

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  • 201aaaa000000031The role of preserve one's health of guangyuan biological belt you know bamboo shoots
    Dongying guangyuan biological technology co., LTD. Today to share the health effect of the bamboo shoots,Hope will be helpful to you:   Spring rain nourishing all things,Rooted in underground bamboo class also will break out,Lettuce、Asparagus、Bamboo shoots is rich...
  • 201aaaa000000023What are the causes of poor immunity
      As the working pressure is more and more big,Or the growing of age,Or other reasons,Do you find more and more easy to catch a cold now,Go out often allergic, etc,That's because poor immunity,Can you find it...
  • 201aaaa000000014What are the causes of insomnia?
    Insomnia, have a variety of reasons,What are the specific reasons make people easy to insomnia?Today in dongying guangyuan biological technology co., LTD., summarized the following points for everyone:   (l)Mental factors   The fight of life、To work with...

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